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Code on How to Scroll (UP) Objects

Here is an Old Code I had On backup blog,and thought I would share it here.
This is if you want it to SCROLL UP
If you would like for your buttons, links, what ever to scroll here is the code .

You will go to
 HTML and add code

<center><marquee direction="up" onmouseover="this.stop()" width="150" scrollamount="4" onmouseout="this.start()" height="220"/>
WHAT you would like here


I was thinking this morning about how much the LORD JESUS loves us.....even when we are not faithful to spend time with HIM in HIS WORD or come to HIM in thankful ,worshipful prayer. I have to admit I get distracted by daily responsibilities too. However, I am asking JESUS to help me make HIM a priority in my life. GOD provided daily manna for the Israelite's in the desert. GOD has provided me with HIS WORD, HIS MANNA, to read daily. I am committed to follow JESUS daily. What a blessing to have GOD'S WORD available to us. When I feast on HIS MANNA,first thing in the morning, daily, I know I will find nourishment, refreshment and strength for the day! What a glorious GOD we serve! HE provides for us daily.... exactly what we need! May you be blessed every morning as you open the WORD of GOD and find HIS love and faithfulness there!


Simple Woman's Journal

Good Monday Morning

Monday, November 20th,2017


Outside my window...Bright and Sunny

I am thinking...That I need to clean out the fish tank

I am thankful for...Everyone in my life.

From the kitchen... silence

Something about me...Depression is an every day battle with me, some good days,some bad

I am creating...Crochet borders for my kitchen towels

I am going…..To start laundry in a bit

I am reading...Booklet on my roaster oven

I am hoping...For a Sunny week

I am hearing...Cat eating next to me ,wow he eats loud lol

Around the house...Television is going in living room

One of my favorite things...Crocheting,and Blogging

A few plans for the rest of the week:Take Buster to get nails clipped,Laundry clean,get things ready for Thursday

Here is picture  I am sharing...

Goofing off with PSP

Couple of Freebies

While my DH is doing the cooking today
(Isn't he sweet)
I thought I would open up psp and goof off.
Here is a couple of freebies for you to snag...


Every Good And Perfect Thing

God does give us everything that is good and perfect. He gave us His only son, Jesus, that we might have salvation from our sins! That is the most good and perfect gift we could ever be given!! Thank you Father, for everything you have given us and for all you continue to give us. In Jesus name, Amen!